Dent Repair in Kernville

A dent in your car is never good. Not only is it not appealing to look at but it could also bring down your car’s resale value. However, even more serious than that is the fact that a dent could compromise the safety features of your vehicle, putting you and your family at risk.

It is vital that you don’t take chances with vehicle dents. Being unsightly is one thing but being a hazard to you or your family’s safety is something far more serious. So if you have been involved in a serious crash or a small collision it is important that you take the necessary steps to get your car back to its best. By working with Precision Automotive Paint & Collision you will do just that. Precision Automotive Paint & Collision is Kernville’s premier dent repair specialists. We are committed to providing an honest and fairly priced service that is quick and effective. Call today for our many offers for new customers as well as to hear of our extended opening hours.

How We Repair Dents

If you are involved in an accident, collision or minor fender bender in Kernville then you need to have the dent on your vehicle repaired. Failing to do so could directly affect the resale value of your vehicle and could prove to be extremely dangerous for the overall safety of the car. What may look like an insignificant dent on the outside could pose real problems to the safety and integrity of the vehicle’s interior. This could make it unsafe for it to be driven on the road. This not only endangers you, your family and other road users but could also prove fatal to pedestrians and cyclists.

The experienced dent repair team at Precision Automotive Paint & Collision has been repairing dents in all types of vehicles for decades. In that time the equipment that we used has changed but the care and diligence to doing the perfect job has not. Our team of mechanics and repair technicians is unrivalled when it comes to the skill of their workmanship. What’s more, they will also use their combined decades of experience to ensure that the dent is repaired as thoroughly and cost efficiently as possible – saving you time, stress and money.

Precision Automotive Paint & Collision’s professional team is also skilled at paintless dent removal. This is particularly useful for small dents such as damage from hail or storm debris or door marks.

The Impact of a Surprise Hail Storm

While most Kernville drivers will be highly aware of the severity of our hail storms when they strike, many are still ignorant of the impact that they can have on their car.

A typical Kernville hailstorm will last anywhere between ten and fifteen minutes. However, that is more than enough time to cause lasting dents on your car’s roof, doors and body. If this happens then you need to call the number one dent repair specialists right away.